Accelerate marketing’s time to value:

  • Effective & accurate cross-sell and upsell
  • Prospect matches to best fit customers for increased SAAS sales conversions
  • Prediction and prevention of customer churn
  • Faster ideal customer profiling for demand generation & ABM

Leveraging Insights for Effective ABM

To do ABM, and any go to market planning well, you need insights, and while external insights are valuable, the ability to analyse past performance and then to be able to map that against potential prospects in order to best predict success is hugely valuable.

a perfect partnership

Blue Cloud AI combines the intelligence and scale of the Cloudapps AI platform with the deep industry knowledge & delivery skills from Ice Blue Sky to create ready to go AI models that can be applied to your own data.


Help customers increase their return on marketing spend.


Help customers reduce technical resource needed.

Save Time

Give back time to our customers marketing teams.

About Blue Cloud AI

Blue Cloud AI is a joint venture between Ice Blue Sky and Cloudapps – designed to help marketers elevate their role in the business by directly demonstrating revenue contribution.

Marketers are crying out for practical applications of AI in the marketing mix, and Blue Cloud AI is designed specifically for marketers to deliver practical help and outcomes. Blue Cloud AI delivers the critical insight needed to improve conversions from marketing activity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who’s it for?

AI requires scale, which means you’ll need to have a lot of customer data to extract the value. Blue Cloud AI is suitable for companies that have some or all of the below attributes:

  • Thousands of customers
  • Global and regional variations in sales and marketing models

Do I need to know a lot about AI?

No – we do all of that for you. We’ll take your data, tidy it up and build the models. Once the models are built, we can then extract the learnings and insights, and then work to translate that into strategy and go to market plans, and can then deliver those plans. As a package, it makes it faster for marketers to implement their chosen strategies.

Isn’t it the same as intent?

No, Blue Cloud AI uses your data, and your data only. Which means you’re not competing with other technology companies for insight. Your data holds the key to which companies will be more likely to buy from you; either selling net new, increasing customer revenue or reducing customer churn.

Is my information public?

No, it’s kept safe in your own AI instance, think of it as a Private Cloud.